Plan ahead so you aren't left behind

Are you planning to replace your Windows 7 computers and Windows 2008 servers?  How about your Exchange 2010 servers, SQL 2008 servers and Office 2010 software.  They are each marked for end of support and Microsoft will stop crucial security patches leaving your systems vulnerable.

Important Dates to Remember:

SQL Server 2008 - end of support  July 9, 2019

Windows  7 - end of support January 14, 2020

Windows Server 2008 - end of support January 14, 2020

Microsoft Exchange 2010 - end of support January 14, 2020

Microsoft Office 2010 - end of support October 13, 2020

Ash Creek Enterprises is here to help

Let the experts guide you through the process

  • We will review your environment for affected versions listed above.
  • We will work with you to plan the process to migrate to a supported version.
  • We will implement a project timeline to meet deadlines.

Don’t Delay

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