When the traffic load grows on your network, how do you steer around congestion and
reduce collisions?

By switching.

“Network switches are like the tires of a car—you take them for granted until there’s a problem,” says ITPointe President Gabriel Ruiz. “Then everybody relying on them suffers.”

Effective switching is essential to handle the growing network traffic coming from video and other bandwidth-intensive applications, more user devices, and more packets headed to servers and storage in the cloud.

“When you begin a cloud service, don’t be surprised to see that you’re pushing out 50 percent more traffic to the Internet than you had before,” says Ash Creek Enterprises President Mark Calzone. “Your network infrastructure must be ready.”

Any small or midsized business can use LAN switching to sustain the speeds and availability that users need. This article presents five ways to do it, from experts at two Cisco® Certified Partners that do it every day.

Ash Creek Enterprises, a Cisco Premier Certified Partner, specializes in network and server integration, with ongoing service that emphasizes business best practices, helping IT staff use technology proactively, and long-term consultative relationships.

ITPointe, a Cisco Premier Certified Partner, provides unified communications, videoconferencing, virtualization, and other network solutions.

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