Stratford, CT - Nov 9, 2011 - Ash Creek Enterprises, Inc., one of Connecticut's leading IT service providers, announced today that is has promoted Joseph Cichowski to the position of Technical Sales Director.

Mr. Cichowski joined the company 7 years ago and has held positions in both the technical and sales departments. He brings 10+ years technical experience to this new role and has been instrumental in helping to grow Ash Creek Enterprises, Inc's sales 25% year-over-year for the 2009-2011 fiscal years.

“ I am very excited and look forward to the many opportunities this new role will provide me. Although I have already started working in this capacity over the past few years, I plan to put more emphasis on technical design and implementation for new and existing customers.”

Mr. Cichowski is a Cisco Certified Design Associate, Cisco Unified Computing Technology Design Specialist, Cisco Foundation Express Design Specialist, Microsoft Certified Professional, VMware Technical Sales Professional, and an HP Accredited Sales Professional.